September 27, 2018

Events Organized in 2017-18

Sl.NoEvent organizedDate
1CSI Orientation1st Sept 2017
2Ex-Quiz-me21st Sept 20-17
3Techcognizance11th and 12th Oct 2017
4 Guest Lecture on Cloud Computing 26th Oct 2017
5 E outreach Program on Digitization and importance of Demonetization in Rural India 3rd and 4th Nov 2017
6 E outreach Program on Digitization Employment Opportunities for Degree Students 3rd Nov 2017
7Know CS session4th jan 2018
8Republic Day Parade26th Jan 2018
9Convergence 2K183rd to 5th Feb 2018
10Coding Context5th and 6th March 2018
11Know CS session16th march 2018
12 Guest Lecture on Data Analytics 2nd April 2018
13 Workshop on Web Designing 3rd and 4th April 2018
14E outreach Program on Cyber security6th April 2018
15 Guest Lecture on Data Mining 11th April 2018
16 National Technology Day11th May 2018
17CZINE Launch29th may 2018
  1. Report for the academic year 2017-18Starting with the juniors’ CSI orientation that was successfully conducted on the 1st of September 2017, resulted in a 250 students applying for a membership. This is one of the highest registrations that CSI has obtained. The Plan of Action was announced during the orientation, with all the tasks and events that were promised to be organized were conducted successfully.
  2. Ex-quiz-me was conducted on 21st of September ,2017 it was a quiz competition in which 20 questions were asked on basics of C language.
  3. Techcognizance was the next event conducted on the 11th and 12th of October, 2017. The event consisted of three rounds- group discussion, debate contest and JAM(just a minute). The main aim of the event was to improve the communication and speaking skills of the participants while researching and learning about new advancements in Technology and global affairs. A total of 248 students from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year participated in the event with only a selective few being promoted on to the next round. After the final round, 5 participants were declared as winners and awarded a price and certificate.
  4. Conducted guest lecture on Cloud Computing, to increase the subject knowledge and bring the awareness on the concepts as per the Industry
  5. Conducted E-outreach Activity on digitization and importance of Demonetization in Rural Areas on 3rd and 4th Nov 2017, in Machunur (V), Jarasangam( M) near Zaheerabad, SangaReddy(Dist, Telangana State.
  6. Conducted E-outreach Activity for Providing Awareness about the “ Digitalization, Research & Employment Opportunities” for II & III year Degree students in Acharya Degree College , Zaheerabad(m), SangaReddy(D) on 3rd Nov 2017
  7. Know Cs session was conducted on 4th of January 2018, in KS Audi.The topic of this session was Machine Learning and Artificial Intellengce and the overall participants were more than two hundred. This session was a massive hit, and were requested widely to be continued in the future too.
  8. Participated in Rupublic day Parade to bring the awareness of No Drink & Drive
  9. Convergence 2k18 conducted on 5th, 6th& 7th Feb 2018. The national level Technical Symposium under the banner “CONVERGENCE” has been instrumental in shifting the paradigm of usual coursework. Since its inception in 1999, it has evolved as an ultimate platform for the techno-maniacs. This is the 19th year of the legacy of convergence.  The 2018 edition has taken up an untraded path on its way to be stupendous, throwing light on new ideas. It brings in a series of events and activities spread over 3 days involving the students of myriad disciplines and hence broadening the horizons. Events, Workshops, Presentations, Seminars, and guest lectures were organized under each theme.
  10. Coding contest-Questions on C programming.Held on- 5th and 6th march, 2018. Contest created byGoutham, Venkat, Keerthan. Number of Students Attended- 170 members.About- It is a contest based on basic C programming .The duration of the contest was 1hr 30min.
  11. KnowCS Seminar –Cyber Security.Held on–16 Mar, 2018.Conducted by-Hemanth and karthik.Number of Students Attended- 150 members.Topics Discussed- About Basics of Cyber Security. Hacking through linux networking commands is discussed. It is a hands on session. Basic and networking commands were taught.
  12. Conducted guest lecture on Data Analytics inorder to increase the subject knowledge and bring the awareness on the concepts as per the Industry
  13. Conducted workshop on Web Designing to create the Awareness on usage of web designing tools for students.
  14. Conducted E-outreach Activity on Cyber Security and how to get ride of Fake call in Rural Areas on 6th April 2018, in Machunur (V), Jarasangam( M) near Zaheerabad, SangaReddy(Dist, Telangana State.
  15. Conducted guest lecture on Data Mining inorder to increase the subject knowledge and bring the awareness on the concepts as per the Industry
  16. RCC, ISTE Chapter and CSI Chapter Jointly Organized“National Technology Day Celebrations” on 11th May 2018. Theme- Technologies for Industrial Revolution 4.0. National Technology Day was celebrated in VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bachupally. National Technology day is celebrated based on the success of Pokhran nuclear test which was held on 11th of May, 1998. Mrs. DeepthiRavula, CEO, WE HUB, Govt. OF Telangana and Joint Director-Business, Electronics, Information Technology& E ectronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana. She said most of the students are not having practical exposure. So engineering college teachers must concentrate more on teaching through projects and practicals. Another guest was Dr. C.S. Jha, Group Director, NRSC, ISRO. He delivered a lecture “ Remote Sensing application for Natural Resource Management”. He also discussed about this year national Technology Day Theme: Science and Technology for a sustainable future. Dr. B. Chennakesava Rao, Director-Advancement discussed about Technologies for Industrial Revolution 4.0. Dr. A.S. Rao- Dean Innovation & Incubation discussed about Role of innovations and startups in country growth. A total of 52 faculty of VNR VJIET attended the “National Technology Day” Celebrations
  17. Launch of CZINE 2018 — As the Academic year ends, the last event conducted was the Czine Magazine launch. HoD B V Kiranmayee, CSI coordinator N Sandeep Chaitanya and senior faculty memners along with students participated in the event.